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Welcome to your SoDash workspace! Let's take a quick tour of each of the different areas.

We try to avoid unnecessary jargon, but sometimes a word can have a specific meaning within SoDash that isn't clear to new users. If you're unsure about the meaning of any term, try the Glossary.


The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is always visible at the top of your SoDash workspace. The links can help you quickly move between pages or perform common actions.

  1. Click the SoDash logo to return to your Dashboard.
  2. Click the quick links to move to a different view.
  3. Use these buttons to quickly post to social media.
  4. Your current user. You can switch to a different user or account by clicking here.
  5. Write a Note. Notes are only visible on your SoDash workspace, so nobody will see them except you and other members of your team.


The Dashboard

The Dashboard summarises activity across all your social media activity. The charts at the top of the page give an easy, simple visual summary of trends over time, from the volume of messages to the breakdown of sentiment.

The Dashboard also lists the searches and message authors tracked by Dash, plus the filtered streams you've set up. Click any of these to view the corresponding messages directly in the stream view.


The Stream

Use Stream to search your data sources for the subjects that interest you. You can create and save searches, and follow users directly from the stream, and tag messages for analysis.



Any message sent or assigned to you is accessible from the Inbound view. You can search through your messages, and refine your search by specific criteria, just as you can when searching.

Dash provides several predefined searches for your Inbound view, but you can create and save as many customised searches as you wish.



The Outbound view lets you review every message you've sent, as well as any notes you've added within SoDash.

The Outbound view is also the place to find any messages that you've scheduled to be sent at a future time.



Use the People view to get detailed information about the individuals who feature in your streams. You can get a measure of their relative influence, and also add an internal Note (only visible to you and your team).



SoDash allows you to generate any number of reports, covering whatever specific data you want and broken down by specific categories. You can view your reports directly from SoDash, or export them to a PDF file or to a spreadsheet application.



Your Settings page is the place to go to update your SoDash preferences, as well as preferences and settings for your entire workspace. If you'd like to change your SoDash password, you can do so using the form at the bottom of the Settings page.

You can also use the Settings page to authorise SoDash to access any of your social media accounts.

You Settings page won't offer configuration details for data sources that are not enabled on your workspace. If you'd like to add more data sources, speak to your Account Manager.

Key bindings

You might find it useful to navigate your SoDash workspace without needing to use your mouse. SoDash supports the following key bindings (automatically set up for you on this workspace):

  • Ctrl + DEL: Deletes/ignore a message
  • Up arrow key: Select the previous message
  • Down arrow key: Select the next message

  • Alt + s: Switch to the Stream view

  • Alt + i: Switch to the Inbound view
  • Alt + o: Switch to the Outbound view
  • Alt + p: Switch to the People view
  • Alt + r: Switch to the Reports view